Digital Sprinkling – An algorithm that gets computers define its own. A think alike society yet different.

Digital transformation is heavily taking shape. Large and small organizations are battling the outburst of data and trying to derive meaningful information from structured and un-structured data. Behind all these, publicly facing collaborative applications, mainly social media tools are streaming heavy volumes of data. If enterprises miss these streaming of data being sucked into their revenue generating blood stream, they may not be able to row across to the tresure island. On the other hand social media cold wars are being fought. At times, we see a heavy weight integration and at other times we see light weight integration such as just the OAUTH types. These integrations at times make us believe that there are no wars being fought but everybody are in for making money. So be it. We are now going through a second generation social media wave.

Independent study in coordination with stencil research highlights and reiterate that we will eventually be replicating content at mega volumes. So far it was just proliferation of content across the internet. But now a new wave is sweeping the internet and that is, system defined algorithms that replicates content by deciding which content will be good for you and this content will be delivered and so will it be delivered to thousands of other people. All of a sudden you become part of a chain who will all be seeing same content and you will all start to think in a similar way. Your views on politics, people and places will all be the same. Petty soon you will start living in a world where you were not there in the first place. Sounds all very paranoid right? Read on.

  1. Joe sends an email to Stacey a link is contained within that email to a youtube or vimeo video
  2. Joe chats with Stacey and sends content or mentions about some news article again
  3. Joe uses social media share of Steve’s content to Stacey which was a purchase done and so on collaborations begin to happen and continues..
    Because Stacey has now visited the link sent by Joe and has already seen the video link or read the email or even visited a url, this information gets cached within Staceys system. This content will now make Staceys system suggest similar content. We should be knowing that since Joe has also seen the same content, the suggestions for Joe will also remain the same. This algorithm is already existing for ecommerce applications and is called as up-selling.

    Digital Content Sprinkling – Infographics

  1. To drill down a little further, what is going to happen is, slowly the content shared and the content related, in the form of up-selling, suggestible content, persisted information about a video, url, texts or audio etc; all will start appearing in synchrony with stacey, jack and Steve and many others in a spree of hundreds of replication routines. These content replication algorithms will utilize cookies and collaborations or link shares or video shares or simply content shares as mentioned above to show same or at the least similar type of content to the users and more. Thus, near to same content will be seen and read by a society of people. These societies will start to think and act the same. Enterprises, companies who make a selling will start to exploit these societies. All of a sudden, you will further see sudden shifts in thinking within factions. These happenings will further digitally divide societies because, content replication will not be confined to just product sellers. It will creep down to explicit content and to vested interested parties, politics and so forth. Already we are seeing political interference from external nations. These content replication strategies may have already been utilized by syndicates.

    At this point, less than 20% of such content gets replicated said a research scholar from stencil research, an IT research firm from the San Francisco, Bayarea, California.
    These replication of content has nothing to do with Artificial Intelligence. It is what can be thought of as a secondary re-purposing of content. Its just happening automatically. Its like the lightning strikes and then there is thunder, which was not the purpose anyway. Thunder just happened by accident.

A little more

A. Search engines today are making use of cache’s or simply cookies that sits within local machines or to be simple, your machines. With various compliance requirement such as CCPA, GDPR it surely gets cached in your system. (More CCPA across nations will evolve)
B. These search engines would have also stored cookies in my machine/s and a 10000x other machines too. Yes? Ok
C.These search engines will also have many other tools and services that keep track of what you do and whom you talk to or to whom you send emails or with whom you do a chat with and what your location is. Even if your location is switched off, AI based systems understand where you are from. A simple IP tracking will give more details. Yes? Cool. 🙂
D. Now once a content starts getting shared, email, social media, chats, similar content starts appearing. Then there is synchrony of these contents slowly starting to evolve and thousands will start experiencing the impact of the content. Pretty soon, you start thinking of buying a TV and all of a sudden your friend starts thinking the same. You want to think about a political view, your friend starts thinking the same. Imagine the impact. How people can change your perceptions. Psychologically when a person buys and this is told to another, there is high possibility of the other person buying the same stuff. Digital marketing utilizes these. Reviews in many portals help in this kind of digital marketing or DM.

What should happen?

I am a small pebble in a mountain and I have no shining materials either. Therefore I say it loud!. There are giants around who can shape the world as technology evolves into most modernized forms. Billionaires, tech giants and philanthropists have already talked about the perils of building artificial intelligence systems without ethics. Only governance and regulations can stop such cruelty with applications using AI. There should be philosophers who understand technology. A new breed of philosophical and technological saints who understands art, literature and history combined with social changes happening should evolve. Such a man or a woman should be searched, appreciated and brought to front. He or she should be called out by the world. Like Einstein this person could be one among the billions the world creates.

As far as technology itself and education is concerned, technology is basically neutral. It’s like a hammer. The hammer doesn’t care whether you use it to build a house or whether on torture, using it to crush somebody’s skull, the hammer can do either~Noam Chomsky

“To change the world we need to combine ancient wisdom with new technology” ~Paulo Coelho

Its not a faith in technology, its a faith in people ~ Steve Jobs

We are living in a separate world ~ Bob Marley

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