Sunny Menon a software engineer by training, has 17 years technical experience building software applications and integration solutions in both commercial, healthcare, telecommunications, financial and retail accounts working with web 2.0 mash-ups, RESTful webservices, SOA and SaaS using traditional OOAD and now responsive programming and parallel, multi-core programming.
Sometimes he calls himself an enterprise architect at other times a novice walking down “memory” lanes.
Doesn’t take much coffee but enjoys the fragrance of coffee, and so has it twice a day.
One such day, independently designed intelligent system for healthcare  which included defining and building modules that acted upon human perceptions, based on actions by users. Thereby gained experience in Health Care IT (HIT)
A few talked about it, but none cared,nevertheless, he made some moneys.
Then wrote a few applications for mobile devices.¬† You can download “EasyImageSender” on Android devices. Has an iOS versions too.

Currently involved in coding BigData and Cloud applications.

Helps start-ups in inception stages in building production quality software. Helps large enterprises define complex solution models. Extensive experience in enforcing application security. Gained experience in HIPAA, FISMA, HL7 compliance. Occasionally conducts audit and health check for Enterprise IT organizations.
You can talk to me at enterprise.architects AT yahoo DOT com.

He now lives in the beautiful valleys of California and travels to the east couple of times a year for company operations and business. During his travels, he writes both technical writings and fiction. Once a gentle man passenger in the flight termed the writings, a passage through insanity. So reader discretion advised but not limited to.

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