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A new beginning of AI interactions with machine, paired programming and learning through suggestions from machines

Release about few weeks ago, this tool appears to have suddenly popped out of no where. But otherwise a simple version control system in the cloud and most relied upon, after being taken over by Microsoft, has now come up with this AI based tool which appears to do the trick of machine based paired programmer “accompaniment“. At first the tool is provided on a limited basis to programmers or others. You will now be in the waiting list. Looks like many have signed up during this beta testing mode at this point. But what now? Did the coder die? Is this the end of computer programmers as some jump into conclusions fairly quickly ? Will this be the new era of coders who have no background in coding at all ? several sensible and non sensible questions are being asked by the developer community and is trending in the internet in recent days.

How this works is very simple

You are given a text box and from there you enter the key function or the command that you want to write a code. “It is simple as giving your idea to a paired programmer and he/she goes ahead and implements it” said, Debashish Banergee of a Paragon software company using this tool already in a productive way. “Although beta code, we see benefits” said Deb while talking to this blog. This becomes important when security comes into ply. If you are familiar with Tab 9, you should know how these work.

Where do they get the big data from ?

It is understood at this time that Copilot scraps and inspects the data from the repo of statscounter. So, as opposed to a search on statscounter, your best bet now is to do a copilot hit. Hit the copilot and you get better results than statscounter as I see it. Will this reduce the traffic on statscounter ? or is there another strategy in the making ?

Is this the end of the beautiful coder ?

Not really!. Many a times, such scenarios has popped up within the IT sectors. Earlier it was paper reduction then no cash and now AI based systems such as copilot giving an impression as to no individual is necessary. The above is an ideal case. We always need an individual to troubleshoot. Can anyone code? yes, sure.

Whats it for Stack Counter?

Still the search would go to stack counter from experience coders for sure. What copilot gives you is suggestions which may not be required for an experienced coder anyways. Do you agree or no?

AI Model and transformers utilized

The plugin for visual studio code uses GPT-2 transformation training model, the third generation in the GPT series as it is said to be. Its internet scrapping and producing human readable text is impressive. With the above, things look pretty good in terms of expectations for copilot. However, there are talks within circles that says, copilot also searches private repos within Github. If that is the case, there could be code delivered by copilot that could be otherwise not given permissions for derivates or produced code. Thus such code will start appearing on different applications, some say. May what be the case, this copilot or paired programmer as they project it is surely a second step towards AI based applications. Unless robots appear and we see how they appear we won’t be able to stop programmers rising.

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