NASA Plays song on mars..tuned to “Reach for stars”

The tune “Reach for stars” from rapper played on mars. The amazing capability of human brain that is capable of creating and enjoying music was talked about in the movie AI, by speilberg, when the men of the future, discover the AI lying deep in the ocean. Novel thinking.
The song, “Reach for the stars” by, rapper is an overton’ed or treated with “gain” special effects. Sound has been shown to vary with presence of medium or for that matter, AIR. Experiments have demonstrated the distortion of sound proportional with presence of a medium such as air. Thus, in mars, sound can vary and may sound totally different from earth obviously. Raindrops may sound different , the blow of wind would sound perhaps monstrous, the sound of a human may sqeek or may sound monstrous. In general, a music with a rhythmic flow of sound patterns may distort and may sound as though added with overtones in a music composition. The interval of time that the flow can sustain is yet to be heard.
The song of is a treated with “gained” effects, as you may hear. Some similarity of how it can be heard from being on mars.
Song was played as though it was being being played from the NASA lab/station ? Hope to hear how it would sound actually on mars. Given the fact that data from mars travels across a huge distance and takes hours to get downloaded, not sure if this can be expected. Voice is a “big data” and reducing noise with all the hops; who knows ?
Here is the video link to NASA listening  to the music being played on mars.

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