Oracle adopts R-Programing for Statistical Analysis

Oracle commits itself to Big Data once more and deepens its presence in the “large volume” space. Everything pertaining to large volume of data residing disparately, is an issue. Relational databases have failed and given rise to NoSQL. Slowly the battle for the win is rising between SQL and NoSQL. The fight is worth watching.

While RDBMS has been called as traditional by NoSQL enthusiasts and that which does not fit well within the Big Data paradigm, RDBMS or SQL people have laid down numbers and has said that, without much complex joins or constraints, data cannot be made much meaningful. Even with much constraints, there has been large volumes stored in RDBMS, is the argument.

May what it be, monstrous Big Data is a winner and is seen, when SPLUNK fore-casted a cent loss and actually, in their earnings report, they actually gained.

Within these discussions, Oracle has taken another step in providing tools to solve the Big Data problem. It is like saying, I have various kinds of wrenches, choose one although they all provide the same functionality. R-Programming, created by John Chambers is a command line programming interface to work with statistical data. You use equations to derive statistical outcomes. It is supposed to work in synch with Oracle times ten in-memory database and other databases including Oracle 11g. Lookout for the “R” talk at

The link to download is here

One more step for Oracle, another step for opensource.

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